Bob Conti, Producer, Percussionist, Vocalist
“As a producer, writer and performer on over 150 albums, both foreign and domestic, I would not hesitate to praise or recommend Scottie for any project. She is a complete professional in every sense of the word. Whether it be lead or backgrounds, you can count on this lady to sing any style, be on time, and do it well. The fact that she has performed on so many major movie soundtracks gives her an advantage over so many run-of-the-mill vocalists.

She uses her voice as a true instrument. For me, as a producer, the joy of working with Scottie is I don’t have to work so hard to try and extract exactly what I’m looking for in a performance. She just gets it…bonus: Scottie is truly a pleasure to work with!”

Weird Al Yankovic
“If you want your production to sound like garbage, don’t call Scottie Haskell.”

Grant Geissman, Guitarist, Composer
“Not only is Scottie a great and versatile singer, she’s also great fun to work with!”

Rene Urbanovich, Songwriter/Producer
“Scottie, I am so very lucky/blessed to have your talent, support and humor behind my artistic projects. You bring so much vibrance and professionalism. Your generosity is truly valued and appreciated.

Much love, Rene.”

Dick Williams
“Scottie, it was such a joy working with you today. I was stunned! What a wonderful talent you’ve been blessed with! You was great!

It’s nice to know more about you – both as a talent and a person.

Let’s do it again soon.

Your fan, Dick”

Doug Walter, Composer/Conductor
“You did such a great job – I can’t even begin to thank you. Talk about rolling with the proverbial punches – you just handled everything with grace, wit and charm, while of course being the consummate pro. Connie obviously loved you (and who could be blaming her?), as did everyone else, and certainly you know what an avid member of your fan club I am too, as well, in addition also.

I’ll stop gushing now (or not), but I just wanted to say again what an absolute perfect call you were for the gig and what a joy it is, as always, to work (and laugh!) with you.

I owe you so much bobka it is not even humorous…

Your grateful colleague and friend,

Doug ‘O.T.M.’ Walter”

Carol Doumani, Songwriter
“I am sure I don’t even need to say this, because we all FELT it strongly yesterday — but I DO want to say it: thank you so much for your extraordinary performance. The combination of talent, effort, emotion, and humor you put into the songs was a revelation to me. What you did with ‘Botox’ was hysterical – and a miracle that you pulled it out of thin air! And ‘I Eat’ was both funny and touching. Man, you nailed it! I feel so lucky to have had a chance to hear you sing my words, put to Doug’s terrific music. Thank you so very very much!

Now I feel empowered to get this music out to the world. I want to share it with other people! Hopefully Doug will do the mixes in the next week and we will be able to send you out a CD before mid-April so you can hear how wonderful you are!”

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